Cup new crop
in Ethiopia

If you plan to impact coffee producing countries, native people form the key to your success. Their knowledge, skills, and understanding of cultural context are crucial. And after fifteen years of having an office in Addis, we know that local people are the key to success.

They discover and deliver specialty coffee and give us insight into the country. And gained the trust of growers: because Ethiopians, our people on the ground, buy green coffee from Ethiopians.

New office space
in Addis Ababa

Just before the start of the harvest, we moved our office to another part of Addis Ababa.

Now there is more room to store samples, organize meetings, and to cup coffee with you.

Cup new crop in Ethiopia

New crop samples are slowly pouring into our office. We invite you to cup new crop Ethiopia in Addis Ababa, between January and March 2019.

Please reach out to us and discuss your cupping and travel plans. We are happy to host a series of cupping rounds that show off new crop Ethiopia.

Go to Addis Ababa. Sign up here.

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