3 reasons why you should pre-book
your Ethiopian coffees now

Before the start of every harvest season, we have the responsibility to our producers in Ethiopia and roasters in consuming countries, to be smart and plan ahead. Early planning and pre-commitments in origin reward those who seek the best Ethiopian coffees.

Pre-booking is all about commitment from everyone involved in a supply chain; the grower, exporter, importer, and roaster. The result of commitment on all fronts is exceptional coffee. The pre-book contracts we settle between growers and roasters often result in the best coffees we cup during a season.

Matching your needs
with their offers

At the start of each season, we commit ourselves to growers through contracts and financing. These ‘tools’, so to speak, give growers confidence to start the production of exceptional Ethiopian coffees.

At the same time, we collect the needs of roasters – as they commit, as well – and match incoming requests with the offers of growers.

Team Addis Ababa

Team Trabocca, especially in Addis Ababa, is able to execute contracts more effectively with advance notice from our customers.

Our colleagues in Ethiopia ensure that the right coffee is selected, processed, and ships in the promptest fashion possible.

3 reasons why you should pre-book
your Ethiopian coffees now

We have listed down the prime reasons on why you should pre-book your Ethiopian coffees within the coming weeks:

  • Access to the best lots: early commitment equals access to our top Ethiopian lots.
  • Volume discounts: more possibilities to arrange volume discounts because of early bookings.
  • Better forecasting: you narrow down the possibility of being short on Ethiopian coffee.

Please submit the quantity and type of coffee (grade, region, process) that you need. We look forward to discussing your needs with you in the coming weeks.

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