3 Juicy Guji Naturals
Worth Your Attention

Guji growers keep surprising us with vibrant washed and natural coffees that just can’t be ignored. The new crop (2018/2019) naturals are proof of their dominance in the market. A trend that is unfolding.

Putting Guji coffee
on the map

As Trabocca, we have a rich history with Guji. We saw, and empowered, the rise of Guji-patriarchs Haile Gebre and Tesfaye Bekele. They put Guji coffee on the map.

But the naturals that recently arrived in The Netherlands, come from the new generation Guji growers. Young women and men that are inspired by the stories of Haile and Tesfaye.

New kids on the block

Samuel Degelo, a young teacher and producer in Bishan Dimo, is one of these growers – pictured on the right.

His washed auction lot #28 for The Ethiopian Cup was entirely purchased by Coffee Libre (KR) and MadCap (US). The highest price paid for the 88.2 scoring lot, was $ 14.00/lb.

Bobea Uke dry mill and Kena Farm

Another example is Abiyot Boru. A man starting with a single dry bed. He purchased cherries from locals and, once dried, resold them to local traders. Today, he owns an entire drying mill; the Bobea Uke dry mill.

Or take Daniel Tadesse. A coffee entrepreneur and father of three. Together with his wife, Zeritu, he started with a 2-hectare ‘coffee garden’. It has developed into a 15-hectare plot; The Kena Farm. The coffees of Daniel and Abiyot are now on spot in The Netherlands; punchy naturals with heaps of exotic fruits.

3 Juicy Guji Naturals.
Now on spot in The Netherlands.

Jam, peach, mango, blackcurrant are the notes that stand out in Daniel Tadesse’s natural (PBO190154-01). The coffee is sweet, winey, spicy, and has a full juicy round mouthfeel. Our cuppers scored 86.75 points.

Second natural (PBO190155-01) comes from Bobea Uke drying mill. A well-balanced taste bundle of blood orange, lemon, grapefruit, and grenadine. Even a subtle note of fresh paprika can be spotted. The coffee has a clean finish and a mineral water mouthfeel.

The third, also sundried on Bobea Uke’s beds, is different from its sister, however. Florals, apricot, blueberry, buttery, and a high citric acidity. Slushy mouthfeel and silky body are both pleasant attributes of this coffee. The Bobea natural can shapeshift during cuppings and flirt with being a washed coffee.

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