Ndaroini Coffee Ltd


Ndaroini Coffee Ltd.


Ndaroini Coffee Ltd.



  • 1400-strong coffee group in the highlands of Nyeri.
  • Produce high-quality AA and AB washed and anaerobic coffees.
  • Best paid growers in Kenya, Ksh 100 (equal to $1.00) per kilogram of coffee cherries.

The story of the Ndaroini people

Ndaroini is a place of rest in the Swahili language. The Ndaroini group chose this name because they traveled long distances to deliver their cherries. After days of picking on their farms, they had to walk hours with their bags of cherries to the Gichathaini washing station. They couldn’t stay for the night and had to walk back to their place of rest, Ndaroini.

The Ndaroini farmers became fed up with the long walks. As the group grew, they dreamed of their washing station just a stone throw from their homes. The Gichathaini feared to lose the Ndaroini cherries and did everything to prevent the plans from succeeding. But the Ndaroini people finally got their washing station after years of persistent campaigning.

The group has two hero’s; the late Geoffrey Mugetha and Muthoni Maathai. In 1984, these chairmen came to terms with the government to give them 2.5 acres of land to build the washing station. In the harvest of ’84, the Ndaroini opened their washing station: to this day, one of the most celebrated in Nyeri County.

Kenyan coffee revolution

Kenya’s FOB prices rank among the highest in the world. Although this is a remarkable feat, growers seem to leave the industry. Coffee doesn’t pay to well in Kenya, and we noticed this while cupping Kenyan coffees over the years. The black-currant quality AA’s and AB’s weren’t there.

Our founder, Menno, traveled to Nyeri to find answers. He met the Ndaroini group who were blunt about the volume and quality drop. The group blamed late and low payments as reasons for departing coffee growers. They were ready for change.

Committing to change

In 2019, we signed a contract with the Ndaroini to buy their entire crop for Ksh 100 per kilogram coffee cherries, instead of the average Ksh 60 before deductions. Today, this group are the best-paid growers in Kenya. And on top of this, they deliver quality AA’s and AB’s washed coffees to roasters worldwide.

Developing the Ndaroini supply chain

The harvest season of 2019/2020 has been remarkable. The group;

  1. grew with 200 members, from 1200 to 1400,
  2. were able to keep Coffee Berry Disease largely at bay,
  3. and went from 600.000 to 950.000 kilograms of coffee cherries.

Read everything about the 2019/2020 harvest.








SL28, SL34


1800 - 1800 masl.


of supply-chain

  1. 1. 1400 Smallholders

    Ndaroini growers pick their cherries from SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, and Batian varieties.
  2. 2. Ndaroini washing station

    All 1400 smallholders deliver their cherries at Ndaroini washing station for processing.
  3. 3. Rockbern Coffee

    We work together with our local partner, Rockbern Coffee. The people of Rockbern assist us with export and work closely with the Ndaroini growers to improve quality.
  4. 4. Shipping line

    As Trabocca, we work directly (as opposed to via third parties) with ocean lines, transport providers, and warehouses to negotiate fair prices and timely service.
  5. 5. Warehouse

    Trabocca has long-standing, proven relationships with over 15 warehouses globally. The Ndaroini coffee can be found in our USA and EU based warehouses.
  6. 6. Trabocca

    Besides working closely with a local agronomist and the growers, we provide logistical services and check the quality of the coffee extensively. Type, stock, pre-shipment, and spot samples are all cupped by our Q Graders in Addis Ababa, Amsterdam, and Minneapolis. We are the exclusive importer of Ndaroini coffee.
  7. 7. You

    And finally, the coffee arrives at your roasting facilities doorstep!

Short documentary about the coffee revolution


of Ndaroini Coffee Ltd.


The growers start to discuss plans to build a washing station.


The washing station opens for business.


Menno meets with the Ndaroini to discuss a possible new supply chain.


We sign a contract with the Ndaroini growers, promising to pay every grower Ksh 100 per kilograms of coffee cherry.

The Kenyan coffee revolution

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