Roba Farm


Roba Farm

Gedeb, a woreda within Gedeo, is full of 2-hectare farms. These are in fact the backyards of Gedeo small-scale coffee farmers. The farm of the Gedeb-based Roba family is an exception, however. The Roba Farm is a 30-hectare piece of land in the Gotiti Kebele.

Mr. Roba Deyaso and Mrs. Beratu Gibicho are the founders of the Roba Farm. Their three sons; Kefyalew, Bekele, and Tesfaye Roba, are today’s operational managers. All three have studied the fields of Forestry, Geography, Population, Environment development, and Management. An enormous advantage for the Roba family.

Within the Roba Farm, you find trees, several houses for the workers, and a washing station. The washing station is called the Banko Gotiti washing station. The place where all harvested coffees are processed. The rivers Banko and Raku flow through the Roba Farm.

The Roba brothers are fervent believers of indigenous agroforestry. They know that biodiversity serves the sustainability of the farm and the environment. Coffee trees are surrounded and shaded by false banana (Enset), cereal, and fruit crops.

The coffee trees grow at heights ranging from 1900 – 2700 m.a.s.l. These extreme heights form one of the key elements of the quality of the Roba Farm. The farm also receives enough rain between June and September – the Kermet season. The temperatures vary between 21 °C and 29 °C by day, and 9.8 °C and 17 °C by night.



Roba Farm
1900 - 2700 masl.



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