Qisha washing station


Qisha washing station


Qisha washing station

Qisha washing station is found in the Kochere district, Yirgacheffe zone. Kochere is a small area within the well-known state of SNNPR (Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region) which in capsules Yirgacheffe zone.

The iron-rich acidic soil and high altitude of the region are ideal for growing specialty coffee – Kochere is even known for producing some of the most delicate Yirgacheffe profiles. Qisha washing station is both specialized in washed, and in dried coffee processing.

For washed processed, the workers use a disc pulper to remove the pulp. The remaining mucilage is then removed by fermentation. Once the fermentation is completed, the parchment is spread out over the drying beds – usually, a 2 cm thick layer of parchment that is regularly stirred to ensure homogenous drying. During the midday, the parchment is covered with Hessian cloth to prevent the parchment from cracking.

On the day of harvest, cherries are directly laid to dry at Qisha site. Undesirable objects, like leaves and damaged fruits, are removed before drying. As with washed coffees, Hessian cloth and opaque polythene sheets are used at night to prevent moisture absorption.  These techniques ensure that the cherries reach the optimum moisture content of 12%.



Qisha washing station
2000 - 2150 masl.



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