Bobea Uke Drying Station


Bobea Uke Drying Station


Bobea Uke Drying Station

Bobea Uke Drying Station


  • Bobea Uke Drying Station is new, but Abiyot has already made a name for the Bobea Uke Drying Station.
  • Abiyot delivers sweet naturals with pronounced acidity and notes of peach, orange, and mandarin.

In the heart of Odo Shakisso, neighboring Tesfaye Bekele’s farm, you will find the Bobea Uke drying station. Abiyot Boru is Bobea’s founder. Abiyot started from scratch, only owning a few drying beds. He bought cherries from the local smallholders, dried these in the Guji sun, and sold them to local traders.

Since 2014, Abiyot’s business started to grow, one bed at a time, until he could build an entire concrete drying station of his own. Abiyot’s drive for coffee and the market are not random. His childhood was heavily invested in coffee.

“I grew up in the coffee business as a farmer and trader. My parents were active as producers and traders. That is why I was interested to continue within the coffee business.” Abiyot has employed both family members and friends to help in daily operations.

We will keep producing excellent coffee with great cup profiles.

Abiyot Boru, founder of Bobea Uke

Abiyot’s ambition for the Bobea Uke drying station

News of Abiyot’s drying station spread, and in 2017 Bobea started to catch momentum. Because a year later, buyers started to flock around the station and recognize the quality of Abiyot’s naturals. This gave Abiyot more foothold within the market. It even catapulted him to international grounds.

If it’s up to Abiyot, Bobea will not remain a drying station but will evolve into a washing station as well. Abiyot is excited about the future “we will keep producing excellent coffees with great cup profiles”. His Guji coffee ranked among our finest natural coffees during season 2018/2019.








Mixed Heirloom


2200 - 2200 masl.


Abiyot Boru

Cupping notes


of supply-chain

  1. 1. Odo Shakisso smallholders

    Abiyot collects cherries from 100 neighboring Odo Shakisso smallholders.
  2. 2. Bobea Uke drying station

    Cherries are sundried, under temperatures ranging from 18 - 25 degrees, at Bobea Uke Drying Station. Cherries are dried for 12 to 16 days depending on the weather.
  3. 3. Drymill

    The Bobea naturals are milled in Addis Ababa.
  4. 4. Buno General Trading PLC

    Buno General Trading PLC, Abiyot’s export company, handles the export for the Bobea naturals. Abiyot exports 20 containers a year.
  5. 5. Shipping line

    As Trabocca, we work directly (as opposed to via third parties) with ocean lines, transport providers, and warehouses to negotiate fair prices and timely service.
  6. 6. Warehouses

    Trabocca has long-standing, proven relationships with over 15 warehouses globally. The Bobea coffee can be found in our USA and EU based warehouses.
  7. 7. Trabocca

    Besides selecting the finest Bobea lots and providing logistical services, we check the quality of this coffee extensively. Type, stock, pre-shipment, and spot samples are all cupped by our Q Graders in Addis Ababa, Amsterdam, and Minneapolis.
  8. 8. You

    And finally, the Bobea coffee arrives at your roasting facilities doorstep. Ready to be roasted and consumed by your audience.