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Fazenda Klem


Fazenda Klem

At Fazenda Klem, coffee is a family affair. Nagipe Viana Klem, the families patriarch, started to work with coffee in the mid-1950s. From the start, he set out to produce coffees of excellence. His focus on environmental issues and quality coffee was unparalleled in that time and place.

In 2010, the children of Nagipe Viana Klem, Caesar, Márcio, Sérgio and Claudio, continued to pursue his vision and started to improve Fazenda Klem’s coffee. Making the transition from conventional to organic certified coffee, and investing in pulpers, dryers, greenhouses with African drying beds and new drying patios. In 2017 Fazenda Klem obtained the 3rd place in Brazil’s Cup of Excellence – reaching 91,17 points during the contest. ‘We are proud of our origins, our family, our coffee, and we always want to bring our coffee to every table’ – Caesar Klem.

The farm is stretched out over heights ranging between 900 and 1250 m.a.s.l. and is part of a beautiful Atlantic Forest which stimulates a lively ecosystem. The farm has an excellent combination of polyculture between coffee, avocado and banana trees. Fazenda Klem’s crop starts in June, which is early for Brazil (usually between July and September). Because of this, coffee can mature more slowly, giving seeds more time to absorb sugars. The farm works together with 50 partners, each responsible for his/her area of the farm. All partners have a stake in the total production and bear the responsibility to deliver high-quality batches. Fazenda Klem packs their coffee in, Brazilian manufactured, Videplast bags. These bags are designed to prolong coffees quality and basically use the same technology as GrainPro.



Fazenda Klem
900 - 1250 masl.



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