Fazenda Colina


Fazenda Colina

Mr. Hudson Vilela has years of agricultural experience and develops the vision to cultivate specialty coffee in Brazil. He enjoys working with his sons and includes them in his plans. In 1999, Mr. Hudson Vilela purchases Fazenda Colina and begins his work as a specialty coffee farmer.

The Vilela family are stewards towards nature. Within the compounds Fazenda Colina, 30% is under conservation. When visiting the farm, you find several springs, waterfalls, and a well-balanced mixture of nature and coffee trees.

Harvest is done through advanced machinery and the cherries that fall out of reach of automation are picked by hand. Cherries are separated by density and processed as naturals and pulped naturals.

The natural coffees are delivered to the patio directly after sorting. Once there, they lay in the sun for 12 days and reach the target humidity of 12%. In some cases, cherries dry for 3 to 5 days on patios until they reach 18%. These cherries spend another 3 days within mechanical dryers that provide low constant heat.

Pulped natural coffees are pulped using the most widespread method in Brazil: pulping without fermentation. The mucilage is partially removed and brought to the patios. Employees turn the fruit on a regular basis (known as “fruit rolling”). All cherries, either natural or pulped natural processed, are checked through periodic humidity measurements.

The hard work of the Vilela’s is manifested in the many awards and prizes that Fazenda Colina received over the years:

– 7th place in COCCAMIG Contest 2015
– 4th place in MINASUL Quality Contest 2016 – Naturals.
– 1st place in Minasul Quality Contest 2017 – Naturals
– 7th place in Minasul Quality Contest 2018 – Naturals
– 4th place COCCAMIG Contest 2018



Fazenda Colina
1090 - 1250 masl.



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