Back to the roots

The influence of origin

Each coffee growing country has its own soil, climate, growing conditions and growing traditions. This, in combination with all the varieties available, creates a seemingly endless spectrum of flavor possibilities. Find out here what kind of influence origin can have on your roast.


The birthplace of coffee is still the most compelling coffee country to date. Revealing elusive flavours found exclusively in this country of coffee ceremonies. Offering perfect micro climates to cultivate specialty coffee, Ethiopia is known for its seemingly endless number of varieties.


The iconic, vibrant, juicy, and acidic Arabica coffees are a refined and celebrated product of nature and cannot be overlooked when one dives into the world of specialty coffee. Our cuppers often find syrupy blackcurrant profiles and explosive acidities while cupping Kenyan specialty coffees.


Peru is one of the top producers of certified coffee. Certificates such as Organic, FairTrade and Rainforest Alliance, are widely available for Peruvian coffee. We work with sourcing partners in Cajamarca and Amazones, areas prime for growing specialty coffee. Coffees from Peru can either shine on their own or be solid anchors in blends.


Athough one of the major coffee producing countries, Brazil has rediscovered itself as a producer of specialty coffee. Its natural and pulped natural coffees are often used by specialty coffee roasters to craft a solid espresso-blend.


Indonesia, and especially the island of Sumatra, is where normal coffee growing logic does not apply. The unique wet-hulled process, locally known as Giling Basah, results in a full-bodied profile. In the best Indonesian coffees, the fertile soils add outspoken berry-like notes resulting in a cup not found anywhere else.


Colombia’s numerous smallholder’s and plentiful microclimates, make it an exciting coffee country. As the world’s largest producer of washed specialty coffees, Colombia offers a broad range of interesting flavor profiles that many coffee roasters find appealing.