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In pursuit of traceable
specialty coffees

As Trabocca, we have embarked on a journey to discover, develop and deliver great coffees, and we welcome you to join us. On the principle of transparency, we work together with farmers, cooperatives, and exporters to provide high quality, traceable coffees to roasters worldwide.

We offer an array of;

  1. (semi) washed and (pulped) natural processed lots,
  2. from origins like Ethiopia, Kenya, and Colombia,
  3. and with many certification options.

With their in-depth expertise and on-ground presence especially in Ethiopia, Trabocca has been an invaluable support for our green buying program. Their knowledge and commitment have been exemplary, and as we have grown they have grown with us. Their solid grasp of the values that matter to their customers makes them a great partner for any roastery, no matter what origin of coffee you are looking for.

Anette Moldvaer from Square Mile Coffee Roasters

Specialty coffee equals
long-term relationships

Coffee is all about long-term relationships. Over the past 15 years, we have experienced that upgrading coffee quality, and the supply chain in general, affect the lives of farmers at origin. Both farmers and coffee roasters find common ground in the search for quality specialty coffee – and for us, this is priceless.

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