traceable micro-lots

Challenging the
Ethiopian value chain

The rules and regulations for the Ethiopian coffee sector have been rigorously changed, through the proclamation 1051/2017. And for the better. Most noteworthy is that all coffee-lots will be traded as traceable lots and that blending at ECX-warehouses (Ethiopian Commodity Exchange) is not permitted anymore.

Additionally, smallholder farmers and washing-station owners will be able to export their coffees directly. This is an enormous difference compared to the previous system, in which all coffee had to go through co-operative unions or the ECX unless you had a 30+ ha farm.

Ethiopian value-chain

Through these changes, we will be able to initiate radical change in the structure of the Ethiopian value-chain. Together with roasters, we hope to leverage this opportunity and build inclusive supply-chains based on the specialty coffee-culture; good coffee, good prices and long-term relationships.

Micro-lots from smallholders

Washing-stations have not yet obtained their export licenses, but some smallholders did. We have invited several of these smallholders in Kochere, Gedeb and Adado, to prove that traceable micro-lots from smallholders in Ethiopia can be traded directly.

We feel privileged to be able to give them direct access to roasters, that appreciate quality and are willing to invest in long-term relationships. Please reach out if you are interested in their coffee and want to become part of this change within the Ethiopian market.

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