Fairtrade FLO

Fairtrade FLO Certified Coffee

In Africa, South America and some parts of Asia small scale farmers are constantly insecure about their economic future. Without any financial security, farmers don’t make big investments that could benefit them in the future. It is important to value the farmers at the beginning of the supply chain and that they earn a fair wage for the product they deliver.

Fairtrade FLO aims to strengthen the economic future of small scale farmers by providing a guananteed minimum price for their coffee as well as a social premium to be invested in the community, which is increased when the coffee is Organic. Fairtrade FLO Certifies co-operatives only (whereas Fairtrade USA certifies both larger farms and co-ops).


Fairtrade FLO standards:

  • Guaranteed minimum price of USD 1.40/lb for coffee (on FOB-basis)
  • Social premium of USD 0.20/lb (to be invested in the community)
  • Organic coffee receives an additional minimum premium of USD 0.30/lb
  • Workers must be 15 years or older, work is allowed after school or during vacations, no hazardous work, a family member has to accompany the child all the time.

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