2021 Sustainability Report Trabocca

2021 Sustainability Report

Helping all people in the supply chain move forward

As a green coffee importer, we continuously embark on a journey to discover, develop and deliver great traceable coffees. We work together with farmers, cooperatives, exporters and roasters, to make the supply chain better every season. This has been our motto from the very beginning. Where we aim to benefit all people in the supply chain of this amazing complex product.

Strengthening and benefitting all actors within supply chains has always been at the forefront of the decisions we make. Whether that is choosing long-term partnerships with coffee producers or introducing organic certification in the Ethiopian coffee industry. As a trading company, we see ourselves as being in the perfect place to help people move forwards; going back to the producers and smallholders at the beginning of the chain, as well as roasters and beyond. We bridge the gap and act as a facilitator that connects the two worlds. Start reading the 2021 Sustainability Report.

Doing good, but not tracking practices

Since the founding of Trabocca, there is a lot of things we’ve done in the past and continue to do now. We’ve prefinanced eco-pulpers and bypassed traditional market mechanisms to pay Kenyan farmers directly. We also provide options for roasters to contribute, such as help finance the building of a school in Ethiopia or contributing to World Coffee Research through the purchases they make through Trabocca.

But we normally track coffee, not our practices. This is what we want to change.

Celebrating each inch of progress through annual Sustainability Reports

There is a long way to go on the path to a ‘sustainable’ coffee industry. But as we go along, we want to make it easier to celebrate what we achieve and make sure we see where the priorities lie to improve.

Sustainability is a difficult word. And we very much acknowledge and understand the complexity of sustainability. Is it pricing? Carbon neutral? Zero waste? There are never simple answers to this question. But we can give you our main focus areas through our 2021 Sustainability Report.

The 4 principles of our Sustainability Report

  1. Being a good employer – the people at Trabocca put a lot of effort in their job, and we want to make sure we put a lot of effort into them.
  2. Reducing our footprint – we don’t produce, but we do have a footprint. We want to measure and reduce this footprint and help facilitate reduction for the coffee producers and roasters where we can.
  3. Working on a sustainable supply chain – the challenges in today’s world are complex, but we want to ensure coffee production is a sustainable business model for all. That means fair prices, environmentally friendly and innovative coffee production, and longterm relationships.
  4. Providing safe and healthy products – As the coffee industry grows, so do the food safety demands within markets across the globe. Our team works hard to pro-actively meet these changing demands.

Additionally, our Sustainability Report shows projects we are working on, such as a Living Income Project in Guji, Ethiopia. Please open our 2021 Sustainability Report.

Download the 2021 Sustainability Report