Our story is a compelling one. One where honoring yourself by drinking better coffee is a way of honoring everyone who made that cup possible.

Since its establishment in 2003, Trabocca has been dedicated to sourcing organic specialty coffee worldwide. Our focus is on East Africa with an emphasis on Ethiopia in particular. We specialize in fully traceable coffees with unique identities. We strongly believe in passionate involvement in the whole process from the moment of picking the 100% ripened cherries until the delicate beans have reached the roasters. We assist our growers by providing investments, knowledge, finance, certifications, service and innovative techniques to satisfy the high quality standards of our clients. Our mission is to create a solid and sustainable supply chain in this niche market.

Our Philosophy: It’s all about quality!

The world is changing. People have an increasing desire to know what they are eating and drinking and where it came from. Because of this they are pouring higher quality premium coffee into their cups. We believe that this trend is irreversible and we plan to raise the bar even higher. We source our coffee from the finest producers, estates and cooperatives in major growing regions worldwide and we pay local farmers and staff well above the market price using a verifiable, transparent process which helps promote sustainability and social welfare.

In 2008, Trabocca was acquired by SunOpta, Inc. It is now a key part of SunOpta’s Global Ingredients segment which includes companies that specialize in global trading and processing of organic agricultural commodities. Other companies in the group include Tradin Organic, Crown of Holland and SunOpta Foods Bulgaria. The group has several offices in the main producing countries as well as sales offices in Europe, USA and Asia.

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