If you are interested in buying and shipping full container loads directly from origin to a destination of your choice, please contact us and let us know the details. We can send you competitive offers for many different coffees and origins on FOT, FOB, C&F, and CIF basis. We usually work with CAD payment terms. We have a long impressive track record and established knowledge and experience. We have been shipping full container loads directly from origin for many years to various clients all around the world.

We transport many of our beautiful coffees to our different warehouses around the world, this way many different clients can enjoy these coffees. We only work with qualified warehouses that are specialized in the storing and handling of commodities. We mainly store our spot coffees in our Dutch (fully acclimatized) and US (East & West Coast) warehouses. We also offer various extra storage possibilities (on request), please check our warehouses.

For spot orders, we take minimum orders for five bags per batch – that’s approximately 300 kg – and 10 bags per order. More commonly, we deliver by the pallet load – one pallet holds around 600 to 750 kg, or 10 to 12 bags. Our coffees are stored and delivered on clean, dry pallets, strapped and shrink-wrapped for safe and secure transport.

If you are seriously interested and want to receive samples, contact us by phone, email or by filling in our request form.

We ship most of our coffees in traditional 60kg or 69kg jute bags; where possible we line these with protective multilayer polyethylene (PE). Almost all our coffees are packed in ‘GrainPro’ bags in jute. GrainPro is a plastic bag which acts as an airtight storage system designed to preserve quality for longer, regulate moisture content, and protect the coffee from outside influences. We also offer a selection of our coffees – mainly our Brazils and OCR coffees – in polypropylene ‘PET’ bags – a synthetic (but fully recyclable) alternative to the traditional jute bag. Some of our coffees are also available in vacuum packed boxes.

For first-time customers, we ask for payment in advance of delivery. After working together for some time, we may then be able to discuss credit terms. We accept Euros, US dollars, and Sterling Pounds.


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