The Story of Fogo coffee & Trabocca

The Story of Fogo coffee & Trabocca

Trabocca’s founder Menno Simons was made aware of the situation in Fogo by Mr Andrade from Capital Consulting, a business man from Cape Verde, who found Trabocca in 2010 – then already well established and known for the successful implementation of its coffee project in Ethiopia.
The samples Mr Andrade brought to Amsterdam clearly showed ALL signs of defects and neglect and lack of knowledge in processing – nevertheless, Menno removed all impurities, dried the coffee again and cupped it. Despite the apparent need for attention on the processing side, he could sense extreme sweetness and great body. This triggered Menno’s attention. He saw similarity with the great wine chateaus , where they sometimes remove a big part of the grapes in an early stage to get all flavors in the final small yield.
This was an opportunity with the potential to turn into a very special coffee project, so a flight to Cape Verde was booked instantly.

Since then, Trabocca established a joint venture with his local partner Barros: Fogo Coffee Spirit (FCS). In addition, FCS & Trabocca are trying to group the local farmers to join their mission for specialty coffee from Fogo.
Fogo is not exactly famous for it’s working mentality – Trabocca had a big challenge to find the right team locally to share our passion for coffee with. Now that Fogo Coffee Spirit has a dedicated local team, detailed training and knowledge transfer is an ongoing process and crucial for the young company.
The establishment of a processing facility was funded by both Trabocca and the local partner, along with a grant from the Government of the Netherlands’ PSI program. The processing facility is expected to increase its initial capacity to process 20 metric tons of specialty organic coffee to over 100 metric tons the coming years.


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